I could be all pretentious and tell you that I will never reveal the meaning of the blog’s name, so I will. You figure it out. That’s how you get into the Sacred Order of the Unknown Nomenclature of the Grand Funk Railverse. Or something. As you can tell, this is the awkward first post that wants to tell you its mission statement but can’t because those sound ridiculous. Jerry Maguire made one, but that put him out on the street.

I hate being wrong. I hate it almost obsessively. I can react to this uncomfortable notion by blowing steam out of my ears. Sometimes I hear the most insignificant tidbit and end up poring over it indefinitely. I express some of this obsession by being a smartass and pointing out foibles in a humorous, or, as is normally the case, groan-inducing way (see post title). That’s my goal here – to get down past the muck and try to see things for what they really are. Muck-covered dirty things.

This is bad SEO. I need to fix that. Let’s see…toast, Nebraska, lupus, the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow…